Over the last ten years or so I have been heavily involved in Linguistics Olympiads, both nationally and internationally.

In 2009 I was team leader for the Great Britain team at the 7th International Linguistics Olympiad held in Poland. We picked up a bronze medal in the individual event, and came 5th in the team event -- not bad for a first attempt!

Following that event, the UK Linguistics Olympiad committee was set up, and from 2010 I have been team leader for the UK at the IOL. In that time we have had growing success. In particular, one of the UK teams in 2017 won the Rosetta Trophy for the best performance. In effect, we were world champions.

The 2019 Olympiad was in Korea. Again the UK did very well, the headline being that we won three gold medals.

A detailed account of the UK's performance in the IOL can be found here: