A few of my talks and lectures ...

Alan Turing, the man and his legacy

Alan Turing was a man of many achievements. Most notably, he was one of the founders of computer science, and he played a major part in code-breaking during World War Two. I have given this talk many times to local history groups, Probus clubs and the U3A.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

This talk, aimed at general audiences, exposes the misuse and misunderstanding of statistics in the media. It also gives some guidance on how to avoid being misled in the future.

We need to talk about statistics 

This lecture began as the 2019 Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture. (The TST funds and promotes an annual lecture for teachers. In 2017, David Spiegelhalter was the TST Lecturer; in 2018 it was Christine Franklin.) 

The theme of this lecture is the importance of language in interpreting and communicating statistical findings. A video of the lecture as given at the Alan Turing Institute is on Youtube here.

The PowerPoint for this lecture as given at the PTI in Pimlico in March 2020 is here.

The Roaring Twenties

Based on my radio show, this talk looks at some of the great early jazz men and women, their music and their often extraordinary lives.

English, a curious language

A look at some of the more amusing aspects of the English language. From interesting etymologies and evolving meanings to eggcorns and mondegreens.